Raymond and Rita Foos Family Charitable Foundation


"The Foundation assists disadvantaged children to achieve and fulfill their God given potential."
Dr. Raymond and Rita Foos, Founders.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to foster human development by supporting

family and educational issues with primary emphasis on assisting those who are disadvantaged.

A Message from the Founders

"The Raymond and Rita Foos Family Charitable Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in 1997. We started the foundation to show our gratitude for the many blessings we have received. We are both very fond of children and our purpose was to help children in need maximize their potential. There are many reasons why children face challenges reaching their potential. It can result from health problems, single parenthood, abortion, difficult family situations, poverty, lack of education for parents or children, poor job opportunities, or low self-esteem. The assistance provided by our Foundation in some cases is indirect, as it often becomes necessary to help the entire family unit, or the parents or guardians, in order to help children. In accordance with our mission statement, by being focused on child development, we have found a meaningful way to achieve the goal of helping children in need."

- Dr. Raymond and Rita Foos

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The Raymond and Rita Foos Family Foundation

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Contacts/Business Associations

Dr. Raymond A. Foos, Founder
Rita C. Foos, Founder

Executive Board:
Thomas J. Foos, President
Rita C. Foos, Vice President
Brian Foos, Treasurer
Michele Sherman, Secretary


Board Members:
Cathy Tasi
Elisa Foos
David Foos

Karen Testa

Stephanie Bedgio
Renee Crowley
Andrea Pecuch
Kevin Foos

Patricia M. Foos
Mike Sherman
Heather Foos
Courtney Alfred


Business Associations

New Life Community
Berea Children's Home & Family Services
Youth Challenge
Women Safe


Member of Association of Small Foundations

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